December 5, 2017

Oral Health Campaign

In 2015, the Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council funded a campaign designed to increase awareness of the importance of good oral health care for adults with developmental disabilities.

These are some of the different approaches that we took to connect with individuals with developmental disabilities, caregivers, legislators and dentists across the state.

All these documents are free to use and duplicate, with credit being given to the Delaware Developmental Disabilities Council.

News Release

This was the news release that launched the campaign! Download the release.

DDC Oral Health Campaign Final


This video presents the need for good Oral healthcare for adults with developmental disabilities in an entertaining, informative and engaging way.  It is found on the DDC’s Youtube page.


Our key elements of the campaign are presented in this infographic.  If you would like the print files, please let us know!

Information Cards

These information cards were sent to Delaware dentists and other interested stakeholders.  If you would like printable copies, email us and we will send you the print files in both English and Spanish.